Welcome to Guitar By Devin!

I am a guitarist out of Manteno, IL and have a degree in guitar from Musicians Institute in Hollywood, CA. I was given the ESP Guitar Scholarship award in 2014. I have played in hundrends of live shows and enjoy teaching in my spare time. If you are looking for a guitar teacher or band for hire contact me today.

  • Fun & Affordable Guitar Lessons

    Using my experiences from both learning and teaching guitar, I have created a curriculum that is easy to follow for an affordable price.
  • Learn & Play Your Favorite Songs

    Learning and practicing over and over can be stressful and boring even for a professional. I make sure to keep you interested and teach songs of your choosing!
  • Learn Music Theory

    Music Theory is what helps you understand music and how every things works. This will help you understand your guitar a lot better and in return, learn a lot faster.
  • Learn To Write With Your Guitar

    With the basic knowledge of song structure and music theory, writing your own songs can be a lot less stressful.
  • Seeking Band Members

    Seeking back up bassist and drummer with experience for a metal instrumental band. Go to the contact page and send me an email if you are interested.