About Devin Mysyk

About Devin Mysyk

Musical Education

Devin Mysyk is a Musicians Institute of Hollywood, CA graduate. In 2014 was awarded the ESP Scholarship to attend Musicians Institute. As a student of Musicians Institute Devin exceeding in live playing and song writting skills. 

Guitarist and Live Playing Experience

Devin has played in hundreds of live shows from local bars to nationally recognized venues. At the age of 14 Devin joined the award winning Manteno Magic Show Choir.  He was able to put his creative skills to work by improvising guitar solos to go along with the show choirs original arrangements. This improvising background gave Devin a lot of experience at a young age of how to adapt and play with any musician. Devin is currently in two bands that play live in the Chicagoland area and is seeking another band to play in that is serious about song writting and touring.

Guitar Teaching Background

Devin is the award winner of several talent and guitar contests in Chicago area and Los Angeles.At the age of 15 Devin became the youngest guitar teacher in the history of School of Rock mokena. By the age of 16 Devin started his own guitar lessons business out of his home studio located in Manteno, IL in person or through Skype. 

Devin has worked with all types of students from personal to group lessons to even show choirs and churches. Devin has the experieince you need to reach the next level.

Song Writting

Devin is currently working on his first EP album, writting and performing every instrument on the album. The progressive album is inspired by many genres such as: metal, classical, EDM, jazz, and a variety of genres popular in Japan.